Posted On : November 11, 2021


General information:

To participate you must initially be present on the 20th of November from 9am- 12pm for grading. Students will be randomised into round robin pools and play for positions in division 1, division 2 or division 3. Each division will then participate in their individual round robin tournaments on the dates listed below. Entry will be closed after Gradings.

The Winner of Each division will receive a $20 cash prize as well as a trophy and the Runner Up will receive a $10 Cash prize and a Trophy.

Tournament entry fee is $20 and will need to be paid upon arrival.


o Grading: Saturday the 20th of November (9am-12pm)
o Division 1: Saturday the 27th of November (9am-12pm)
o Division 2: Saturday the 4th of December (9am-12pm)
o Division 3: Saturday the 12th of December (9am-12pm)


A round robin is a tournament which every player gets to compete against each other, whoever wins the most matches, wins the tournament.

Conditions of entry:

o Players MUST know how to serve and score
o Players must compete in a sportsmanlike manner
o Must notify of withdrawal at least 7 days in advance

REGISTER NOW through the link below:


Tournament administrator Christelle contact:

o Phone: 04664406536
o Email: jktennis.au@gmail.com